Case Studies

Led by JKU who have strong expertise in qualitative research especially in the field of Case Study research, this multi-modal case study of six schools per country, chosen from the pool of schools that completed the initial survey will seek to elicit the experiences of all stakeholders in relation to working, evaluating and planning in a network of schools and support services responsible for the integration of migrant students in communities.

Each partner seeks to enhance the understanding of ICCEP in their country/region through the development of a series of case studies: The Pamukkale University in Turkey; the University of Oslo in Norway; Dublin City University in Ireland; the University of Linz in Austria; the Extremadura Inspectorate in Spain. Based on the literature review, survey and interviews a case study protocol will be developed in each of the project partner’s first language (German for Austria, Turkish, Spanish, Norwegian and English). The description of the country cases, as a result of the analysis, will also be translated from English into the other languages of this project team. This makes our results accessible to countries with school evaluations who do not frequently engage in English-speaking publications and reports. The project coordinator from each partner country (all coordinators are proficient users of English) will be responsible for the quality of translation. The outcome of the Case Study (together with outputs 1-5) will also be used for the development of the ICCEP framework.