An initial exploratory survey of school teachers perceptions relating to hindering and facilitating F(A)ctors concerning Intercultural community-based evaluation and Planning it applies to migrant students will be developed. This survey will target teachers in each country using a stratified purposeful sampling strategy based on school type, location. The survey will be piloted in each country and will be translated (into German, Turkish, Spanish and Norwegian). It will be sent to schools in each of the partner countries in order to ascertain the teachers’ perceptions of school to school collaboration and hindering and facilitating F(A)ctors relating to Intercultural community-based evaluation and Planning in school communities. The analysis will be carried out using parametric and non-parametric statistical techniques. This data will contribute to the later outputs of the ICCEP Conceptual Map, The framework of Indicators, Toolkit and MOOC for School Leaders, Teachers, Inspectors and other sectoral support agencies with responsibility for the enhancement of the learning experience of migrant students.