A Review of the Literature

The leading organisation will coordinate the review and provide the partners with a specific search protocol regarding search terms, years of publication and a reporting template. Each partner will implement a part of the analysis and report to the team, using the search protocol and template designed by the coordinator. We will use the analysis to outline key features of existing modes of evaluation and planning for the integration of migrant background students in communities that may support the community-based governance and quality assurance of education in a network of schools. These key features will serve as a basis to design the other Outputs, describe and develop ICCEP Conceptual Map in this project. Each partner will use the review and discussions with key stakeholders in their country to outline features of subsequent outputs and develop ICCEP conceptual map and ICCEP framework of indicators. The final set of indicators will be a summary of examples from peer-reviewed journals and national and transnational reports. The review will also be disseminated via the open-access peer-reviewed journal and as a report on the ICCEP Web Site.