Training Module

This output is aimed to design a training programme that can be used by other organisations and educational institutions throughout Europe to provide their own training programmes in ICCEP to a range of stakeholders such as school leaders, inspectors, sectoral support agencies, members of transnational organisations who have major roles in community-based evaluation and planning and the integration of migrant students in communities.

Co-ordinated by CEE, with involvement by all partners, the objectives will be to:
– decide a rationale for ICCEP and the creation of networks of schools
– introduce ICCEP in networks of schools and school improvement
– build capacity of school leaders, school inspectors/ support services, and school staff to lead/ be engaged in ICCEP
– provide a hands-on experience of ICEP activities
– provide a methodology for community-based ICCEP: use of ICT resources (toolkit) and strategies, collection, evaluation and sharing of experiences
– provide a series of session, lesson plans, activities and assessments strategies that can be used in the training module.